Hi! My name is Erika, known as Bixorama in the virtual world, and I work in the field of 3D animation and illustration.

After studying Fine Arts and Communication Studies at the University, I started a new adventure in what I really love: animation. I mastered in a 3D generalist profile in Barcelona and I have specialized in character animation in 3D Animum school where I learned a lot of things from great professionals like Maxi Diaz, Enrique Oliva, Hugo García, Juan Bravo and Roger Giménez.

I currently work as a freelance for various entertainment related projects in the area of 3D modeling, both for advertising and television children shows. I also do illustration work for children’s projects and I am currently working as a tutor of Fundamentals of 3D animation course in Animum Online.

My passions are movie art books, sci-fi and crime series, adventure games (mostly the Lucas Arts oldies), films… and I’m a Pinterestaholic.

If you’d like to know more about my skills, you can download my CV!

See you!